Fashion Show update, Project Schedule and Next Steps

The Fashion Show was a huge success!

First off, we would like to thank the organizers of the South Division Comeback Fashion Show – the event was a HUGE Success!!

A special thanks goes out to Tim Bracey (Fashion Show Project Manager) and our Ambassador team, Sheryl Brown of Koko B. (our expert adviser), host James Stark, the Kroc Center, and a fabulous cast of models and volunteers. With over 200 tickets sold, we had a full house! 

Next Steps of the project

As the process shifts from community engagement and visioning into development of the actual Corridor Plan and implementation strategies, it may seem like things have been slowing down. It’s been quite the opposite! The Camiros team has been busy refining the Project Sheets that will serve as the backbone of many of the Plan recommendations. Similarly, they have been working on recommendations for each of our geographical focus areas.

The SB Friedman Team has refined the Market Study based on comments from the Steering Committee, including creation of data that supports marketing the corridor for a financial institution. They have also completed the first draft of the Residential Affordability Assessment, which helps us to better answer the questions of “What is affordable for THIS neighborhood?” and identify the challenges that need to be addressed around housing and displacement risk.

Looking ahead, we have also developed a tentative schedule from now through Plan Adoption. Key items include:

5/8 – Steering Committee Meeting / Final Working Group Meeting / Implementation Structure Kick-Off Discussion
5/28 – Draft Plan to Steering Committee 
6/4 – Draft Plan Review Meeting with Steering Committee 
6/4 – Community Meeting #4 
7/8 – Refined Plan to Steering Committee 
7/16 – Steering Committee Meeting (Plan Review / Implementation Discussion)
8/5 – Draft Implementation Plan to Steering Committee 
8/13 – Planning Commission
August/September – City Commission / Begin 42 Day Review Period
October – End Review Period / Return to Planning Commission
October / November – Final City Commission / PLAN ADOPTION

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