Focus Area 2 – Division & Campau Park

Focus Area 2 contains a high percentage of affordable and public housing (Campau Commons), along with significant community resources such as Campau Park, the State of Michigan Department of Human Services, New Hope Baptist Church, United Methodist Community House, St. Luke AME Zion Church, Covenant House Academy, and Great Lakes EMS Academy. Focus Area 2 is envisioned as a park-focused area with improved gathering spaces and amenities along with significant affordable and mixed-income housing on key sites.

The Focus Area’s most notable amenity is Campau Park.  Residents indicated that they would like to see the park improved with gardens and a plaza so it could be a stronger hub of commerce and social activity for the South Division Corridor. The Grand Rapids Housing Commission is currently planning additional public housing adjacent to Campau Park, which will bring additional residents to the area. It is estimated that housing growth, including transit-oriented development and medium density residential, is be feasible in this focus area.

Additional desired elements include significant landscape and recreation improvements in and around Campau Park, including to the ballfields on the west side of the Park. In order to create a gathering place for the community, the creation of a small public plaza at Commons Street and South Division Avenue is recommended. Façade improvements to the remaining small mixed-use buildings at the northeast corner of Delaware and South Division will help to preserve local heritage while enhancing the neighborhood’s appearance. Public improvements should enhance the function of the Silver Line BRT while including neighborhood banners, signage and wayfinding. Bicycle routes should be incorporated on Sheldon Avenue east of South Division. The community would also like to see a large community garden be installed on vacant or underutilized property within the Focus Area to provide additional fresh food options along with food production training.