Focus Area 4 – Division & Cottage Grove

Division and Cottage Grove is a traditional manufacturing and light industrial hub for the South Division Corridor. As such, it includes a number of significant employers including Pridgeon & Clay, Notions Marketing Corp, Vi-Chem Corporation / Americhem, Nemic Industrial Supply, and 20/20 Printing. Along with these employment uses, the Focus Area includes important community services such as The Salvation Army and the Boys and Girls Club.  Focus Area 4 is envisioned as a mixed employment district including significant new community services and gathering places representing rich local history and culture.

Due to the current land uses, there are a relatively few potential redevelopment sites within this part of the community. Improvements should be focused on improving the large open space just north of Cottage Grove while enhancing large parking lots with green infrastructure and landscape improvements. South of the existing railroad tracks, several vacant buildings should be repurposed for employment uses, along with the large truck parking lot at the southeast corner of Crofton and South Division. North of the railroad tracks, small and medium sized development sites are in greater number and should focus on a range of uses including live/work flex space, retail geared towards the surrounding workforce, mixed-use development and additional employment.

Other desired community changes include improved lighting, especially on side streets, landscape improvements to mitigate the appearance of large industrial buildings, street trees, colored bus lane paving, and neighborhood banners. Improved signage and wayfinding is especially important as many businesses are tucked away within non-descript industrial sites and buildings.