Focus Area 6 – Division & Plaster Creek

Focus Area 6 is heavily defined by Plaster creek and its surrounding natural areas. It also includes the Kroc Center, which is the recreational and athletic anchor of the Corridor. Along with these amenities, Focus Area 6 includes a number of active retail spaces, small groceries and a bowling alley that serve the surrounding community.  Focus Area 6 is envisioned as a natural green gateway district with safe and well-used trails, clean creek areas and outdoor amenities for the enjoyment of both local residents and visitors.

Community residents have stated that they would like to increase the awareness of existing amenities while increasing neighborhood connections, especially to Plaster Creek Trail. The Plan recommends the establishment of improved natural areas along both sides of the Creek, enhanced lighting to ensure visibility and safety, and improved trail amenities such as signage and seating to encourage use. Additional street trees and landscape would help to connect the green network into the neighborhood while banners and colored Silver Line bus lanes would enhance the identity of the corridor as a whole. West of South Division, the Plaster Creek Trail should be continued to connect with the Plaster Creek Family Park and Burton Elementary / Middle School. A few underutilized sites north of the Kroc Center have the potential for small-scale transit-oriented development to provide additional housing and commercial space for the community.