Planning Process

The South Division Corridor Plan was designed around a thoughtful and strategic process of meaningful resident and stakeholder engagement to ensure the final Plan is socially equitable and representative of the interests of the Community. One of the greatest strengths of the South Division Corridor is a connected and engaged network of residents from a variety of backgrounds. Residents have been heavily involved in the planning process from the start in order to ensure a community-driven effort; not a City or consultant-driven Plan.

The plan is an “Area Specific Plan” as part of the City’s 2002 Master Plan and is based on 5 major principles:

      1. Community Identity
      2. Development without Displacement
      3. Economic Opportunity
      4. Health, Environment and Quality of Life
      5. Transportation. 

Efforts related to the South Division Corridor Plan have been underway since March 2017, led by an Advisory Group of area residents, business owners and other stakeholders. This early participation was initiated due to a recognized need for a deeper level of engagement and relationship building with the surrounding community prior to formal launch of the Corridor Plan effort.

The process was created to ensure that local community members most affected, especially low-income residents, people of color, neighborhood groups, community organizations, people living with disabilities, and new immigrants were directly involved in the creation of the Corridor Plan. Also, the process was designed to build cultural competence and responsiveness among all stakeholders, and structure planning to be clear, accessible and engaging. The result has been an open and transparent planning process that reflects the diverse interests of the community.

process graphic