Planning Process

The South Division Corridor Planning team seeks to improve the neighborhood through efforts aimed at revitalizing, improving and investing in the community.  The plan will be an “Area Specific Plan” as part of the City’s 2002 Master Plan and will be based on 4 major principles: Meaningful Engagement, Development without Displacement, Economic Opportunity, and Quality of Life. These principles were laid out in public meetings in late 2017 and those meetings will continue to inform and shape the plans that emerge.

Over the course of the Summer, Fall and Winter we will progress into the “Visioning” and “Strategies” phases of the planning process and finally the process will be completed next spring, 2019.

All phases of the process will involve public engagement, therefore, the success of our plan-making is tied to a program of community meetings where all participants know the purpose of each meeting and agree that specific outcomes, products and approvals must result.  This makes the process efficient and respects the time committed by community stakeholders.

process graphic