Planning Team

The planning process will be led by The City of Grand Rapids and coordinated by Camiros. The planning team and steering committee will also work with residents, local businesses, and other stakeholders to create a Plan that reflects the visions and aspirations of the entire community.

The Community

The community are the residents of Grand Rapids as well as the stakeholders within and beyond South Division Street who invest their time, skills, and money toward the continued improvement of the quality of life in the neighborhood.

City of Grand Rapids

The City of Grand Rapids Planning Department guides public and private development efforts. We’re committed to protecting public health, safety and welfare and carry out our responsibilities under the direction of the City Commission, three appointed boards and commissions and the City Master Plan while keeping the public interest at the forefront.


Camiros, Ltd. is a nationally recognized urban planning fim, that provides a full range of services in the areas of neighborhood and community planning, land use regulation, economic development, landscape architecture and urban design. Founded in 1976, the fim serves public and private clients alike. Our private clients include neighborhood-based community development organizations and for-profit developers. We have provided planning services to over 300 communities throughout the United States. We use creative and innovative techniques to analyze existing conditions, engage the public and local officials in meaningful participation, and find feasible solutions to the complex problems of growth and renewal. We are known as much for implementation as we are for policy, plan and project development. Camiros has the experience and skills needed to design an innovative planning process with a public engagement process that is particularly suited to local needs. Over the years, Camiros has increasingly concentrated its work in the urban regeneration of America’s cities.

Borderless Studio

Founded in 2016, Borderless is an urban design and research consultancy focused on collaborative and interdisciplinary city projects. Borderless is committed to supporting healthy, vibrant and meaningful communities by presenting and demonstrating how design adds value to the built and social environments. By working side by side with communities, Borderless aims to use design tools, processes and outcomes to both inspire, enable and shape successful places for people. As a consultancy focused on interdisciplinary collaboration, Borderless Studio designs and facilitates a variety of methods and processes for dynamic exchange and engagement using data, research, and design to discuss the future of cities and project opportunities at different scales—from buildings and neighborhoods, to regions.

Blacks in Green

Blacks in Green™ is celebrating 10 years of advancing our vision for self-sustaining black communities everywhere.  Our mission is to mainstream “The City of Villages” – where every household can walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, walk-to-learn, walk-to-play, especially in African American neighborhoods. Our process is designed for resilience, equity, and wealth measured and managed mile-by-mile by resident leaders, supported by municipal alliances.

SB Friedman

SB Friedman Development Advisors (“SB Friedman”) is a specialized real estate
and development advisory firm based in Chicago. Our firm is recognized as one of the few consulting companies that truly understands both the public and private perspectives on development issues. We have expertise in market and economic analysis related to a wide variety of development types, including residential, retail, office, entertainment, senior housing, mixed-use facilities, industrial, and research and development facilities.   Over the past 12 years, SB Friedman has participated in the origination of approximately $2.3 billion of public-private financing (including tax credit financing, tax increment financing, revenue bonds, multi-credit bonds and gap financing loans) in support of nearly $7.3 billion of projects.

Williams & Works

Williams & Works is an employee-owned company dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Many of our clients have been with us for decades, and have come to rely on the professional, honest and thorough level of service we provide. At Williams & Works, we build relationships with our clients and work with them, not for them. We bring a team approach to our assignments and constantly strive to be more efficient and economical in our business practices.