Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of Grand Rapids Residents who have been selected by the city planning department to represent the interests of their neighbors.  Members include:

  1. Angelica Velazquez, La Casa de la Cobija
  2. Bill Paxton, Exalta Health
  3. Conrad Venema, The Rapid
  4. Chris Beckering, Pioneer Construction
  5. Fran Dalton, Garfield Park Neighborhood Association / Alternate – Jesus Solis, GPNA
  6. Guillermo Cisneros, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  7. Hanna Schulze, Resident
  8. Henry Peña, Boost Mobile (Division/Burton)
  9. Jennifer Spiller, Healthy Homes Coalition
  10. Johana Rodriguez, Burton Elementary Service Coordinator
  11. John Shaner, Kroc Center
  12. Ken Miguel-Cipriano, Resident
  13. Leonard VanDrunen, Commercial Property Owner / Calvin College
  14. Leslee Rohs, Frey Foundation
  15. Marcus Ringnalda, Four Star Theater
  16. Mary Dengerink, Resident
  17. Paula Woods, Brown Hutcherson Ministries
  18. Stephanie Gingerich, LINC UP
  19. Synia Jordan, Grandville Business Assn / Realtor
  20. Kurt Reppart (City Commissioner)
  21. Walter Brame (Planning Commission)
  22. Courtney Magaluk (Staff / Project Manager)
  23. Suzanne Schulz (Staff / Planning Director)
  24. Bryan Blakely (Staff / Advisory)