Transportation is integral to the final plan. Connectivity to surrounding communities is a crucial element of economic prosperity in modern neighborhoods. The Silver Line BRT is a point of focus in the South Division Corridor Plan and a special emphasis is placed on the potential for transit-oriented development.

Priority Projects

The following Priority Projects that are intended to be led by the City and other community partners to help promote progress. These projects vary widely in size and scope but all of them are strategic in their purpose to effect positive change. The Plan recommends that the community consider three projects as the highest priorities for the Transportation implementation agenda. The Priority Projects were designed and specifically selected as catalysts for creating positive activity through interconnection of new services and uses for the South Division Corridor and surrounding community. These are projects that have the potential to stimulate the revitalization of the area and trigger positive momentum for quality improvements and renewal. The Projects were developed through Meaningful Engagement and were prioritized through the voting of community members, the Steering Committee and the individual Working Group.