Community Meeting 4 Results

Community Meeting 4 was held on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019. The meeting previewed the South Division Corridor Plan to the community. We had approximately 50 attendees, including a few first-time participants. The large boards in the Pop-Up space were all updated to showcase the Plan Principles (including vision, desired outcomes and the top three project ideas for each) and the opportunity maps and concept renderings for each of the six focus areas along the corridor. Each participant received $10,000 “Division Dollars” to fund their favorite project ideas.

The top five projects identified were:

  1. Develop a Storefront Improvement Program
  2. Recruit a Credit Union or Minority-Owned Bank 
  3. Facilitate Home Repair and Improvements 
  4. Develop and Support a Variety of Community Events
  5. Advocate for Changes to City and State Policy 

These top-ranked projects will receive further concept development within the Corridor Plan, followed by the ten remaining concepts developed by the Working Groups, and the larger pool of project ideas that may be further developed through plan implementation.

To see the photos of the event, look in the photos page in the sidebar. To download the full project report, click the link below.

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